Evil Eyes in Blues, Water-Resistant Weekender Tote


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Take your whimsy with you when you go! This thoughtfully designed weekender tote is expertly sewn using Sun + Song's exclusive Evil Eyes fabric. Our Evil Eyes design features a grid of hand painted and Evil Eye talismans in deep navy blue and rich turquoise blue on a crisp white background. This symbol of protection has been meaningful across many cultures for over 5000 years! The hot pink straps and hot pink zipper on the front pocket colorfully complete the exterior of this big bag. Inside you'll find low maintenance charcoal grey waterproof canvas lining and two large zipper pockets.

This weekender is so happy to look at that your vacation fun will start with the packing! This transformable bag is perfect for a short trip or family overnight. The top zipper extends past each side of the bag, allowing for a very wide, oval shaped opening. Once you are all packed: close the zipper, fold down the side corners, and secure the clips to the rings at the base of the bag. Now the weekender tote is a neat rectangular shape and the contents are being held securely in place (say goodbye to wrinkled clothes)!

The bag's bottom and lining are made from a sturdy waterproof canvas - because you just never know! Two roomy interior zipper pockets (lined with a second accent Sun + Song fabric) give you a separate place for socks, undies, swimsuits, etc. The small zipper pocket on the front is the perfect spot for your passport or airline tickets. 

Don’t let the bright colors and cheerful designs distract you…this well constructed bag is a workhorse. Made from durable materials, this tote offers practicality and style, making it the perfect companion for your next adventure.


  • Colorful + happy fabrics designed in-house
  • 22" W x 22" H x 12" D
  • Open wide top, gusseted bag allow for easy packing
  • Zipper top + fold down side clips keep contents securely in place
  • Heavyweight recycled canvas outer 
  • Sturdy waterproof canvas inner and bottom
  • Front zipper pocket for quick access to passport/tickets/etc.
  • 2 Large zipper pockets inside
  • BONUS - Machine Washable!

The perfect song for a day with this bag: Evil Eye by Franz Ferdinand

Superstitions are - and have always been - very common. Whether it’s stepping on a crack, putting your purse on the floor or throwing salt over your shoulder, all cultures and people have superstitious beliefs. The Evil Eye is one symbol and belief that exists across cultures and continents to impact all of us in some way (even if it’s just by knowing its name).

The symbolism of the Evil Eye has been pervasive for over 5000 years. Belief in this protective symbol is a cross-cultural phenomenon found throughout Europe,  ancient Egypt, North and East Africa, the Middle East, the Philippines, and Latin America, among other cultures. Archeologists have found an evil eye amulet dating back to 3300 B.C.E. in ancient Mesopotamia. In addition, Ancient Greek literature from the 6th century BC mentions this sacred and protective symbol. Today, the Evil Eye is seen most often in Greece, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries. 

From Buddhism to Christianity to Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, it is believed that those who display or wear this sacred emblem will be spiritually protected from the evil forces in our surroundings. This talisman was created to combat harmful energies coming from envious people glaring at us with bad intentions - in other words, those who are giving us the "evil eye."

It is believed that people who carry low vibrational energy and harbor bad feelings can charge the environment with negativity. As a result, in their presence our moods decline, we feel physically depressed, and we attract bad fortune to our life circumstances. Evil Eye talismans shield us from these harmful influences, allowing us to manifest our deepest desires without interference. 

Many believe that the Evil Eye is also about believing in something we can’t see - that when we connect with something bigger than ourselves, we are able to gain perspective on our own lives and challenges. “It reminds us that we are part of a larger tapestry and that our individual experiences are interconnected with the world around us."


We hesitate to call these bags "waterproof" and instead use the term "water-resistant". The bags are lined with either 100% waterproof PUL fabric or 100% waterproof canvas fabric.  We are very careful to preserve the integrity of these fabrics and even heat seal the seams. However, the lead free locking zippers are NOT 100% waterproof and even the thread the bags are sewn with can wick moisture if fully soaked for long enough. These bags perform excellently when used with damp items and even when small amount of liquid spill inside. However, if you put your cell phone in it and throw it in the ocean, you will not be happy!

It is our goal to get your order to you as quickly as possible. We are located in Knoxville, TN and orders ship from here. All In Stock items will be shipped out within 3 business days. All Made to Order and Custom items will be shipped out within 3 weeks. We offer Standard shipping (2-6 days in transit) and Expedited shipping (1-3 days in transit).

If you have special shipping requests or deadlines, please send us a message and we will do our best to make it work.

Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of Sun + Song's business practices. We will choose sustainable packaging and shipping materials whenever possible.

Most of Sun + Song's soft goods are easily washable. Use your items with confidence knowing they will stay looking bright and colorful through many, many washes!


  • Recycled Canvas Bags: Remove the tassel before washing. Wash with like colors in cool water using a gentle machine cycle and phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry using a low temperature setting. If you iron, do not place the iron directly on fabric surface. 
  • Organic Cotton Knit Swaddle Sets: Wash with like colors in cool water using a gentle machine cycle and phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry using a low temperature setting or line dry. Due to the nature of the eco-friendly printing process and the organic cotton, items may fade very slightly over time. 
  • Organic Cotton Muslin Blankets: Wash with like colors in cool water using a gentle machine cycle and phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry using a low temperature setting or line dry. The muslin fabric will get softer and more crinkly with each wash.
  • Weighted Eye Pillows: Due to the organic lavender and flaxseed filling, these are NOT machine washable. You can gently spot clean the outer fabric if needed.

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Travel Volleyball Good Luck Charm

This is my first weekender bag purchase, but not my first Sun and Song bag. I love the styles, quality of fabric and stitching, and the ease of ordering. Kimi is wonderful to work with for custom orders. I bought this bag to use for our daughter's travel volleyball season and to bring her good luck. The evil eye design is beautiful in person. The colors happen to coordinate with her team's uniforms, too.

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